How to Get Tons Of Traffic From Twitter

So lately im getting tons of traffic from twitter with these methods and i thought to share it here with you guys.

Method 1: Get Tons Of Traffic From Twitter With Zero Followers

So with this method you can use brand new account that you just created and still get lots of traffic from twitter to your site/cpa offer/product etc…


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Clickbank Trick – Drive traffic to your ClickBanks products by using Twitter

Clickbank Trick: The Tricks to Becoming A Clickbank Super Affiliate. In this Clickbank Trick you will learn How to Drive traffic to your ClickBanks products by using Twitter

Here’s a Clickbank Trick Money Making Tips that I’ve never seen anyone else use. It’s not a get-rich-overnight type of trick… more like something useful to have in your toolbag for those times when it’s needed. This post to help you know more detailed info about Clickbank Trick.

Twitter is a social networking site that you can use to generate ClickBank sales. There are many people that create Twitter accounts I norder to find friends that are interested in a certain niche in order to offer them ClickBank products that they are affiliate with. If you include relevant and quality information in your tweets, you would be able to occasionally promote certain offers. Using Twitter to market ClickBank products online is a great way to quickly find targeted buyers.Twitter is a way where people keep in touch with each-other and one that is fast being taken up by more and more businesses. It’s a very simple social network (we can call it a conversation tool) where you can talk with your clients and hopefully use it to find a few more. If you work well with twitter, it can be a great way of driving traffic to your blogs or internet site and to make sales too, but what I will be explaining here is that you don’t need a site to put this method to work. We’ll work only with Twitter.

Twitter is not a platform to just talk without listening to anyone else; that means Twitter is public conversation, not just a place for your monologues! Whoever limits themeselves to just plain marketing messages or the old 'talk to yourself abou what you are doing',  will soon be dumped from the most of Twitter users or followers they may have aquired in teh first place. Twitter works in this method: you follow people , they follow you. It’s very simple, but in this method ({Clickbank Trick|Clickbank Trick To Making Money|Clickbank Trick Money Making Tips|Ultimate Clickbank Tricks Free}) I’ll evolve a method where you need only a Twitter Account with or without followers at all!

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Integrate and Display Google AdSense for Search within WordPress Pages

Place Google Adsense for Search code into your website will help to generate extra income for you

AdSense for Search Improved! Offer your users site search or web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms. AdSense for Search can be a good additional earning source for Google AdSense earning as long as the integration is done in right way. Base on my own experience, the best AdSense for search integration is that integrate it into blogs so readers do not need to leave our blog when do a search process. I hope it can help you to increase your Google AdSense earning.

Google AdSense for Search features the ability to let web publishers to open and display search results within the website itself. In other word, the results of a user search performed in Google AdSense for Search box will appear within a frame on a page from the site, so that rather the users need not to leave the publishers’ websites and being taken to Google, while still able to search for information with Google web search.

Beside, Google AdSense for Search also has Custom Search Engine that can be placed and integrated, together with the search results into website, and comes with more customization options such as search refinements, ads positioning, prioritize or limit sites to include in search results, change and modify the look and feel, collaboration with users, ability to create multiple search engine, make money with AdSense, and of course, ability to integrate into existing website and blog templates.

As Google AdSense publisher, I experience that AdSense for Search is a good additional for Google AdSense earning. Although the earning is not as big as the AdSense for content but At least, the search process can be monetized perfectly by using AdSense for Search. It is better than nothing, isn’t it?

Here  how to do perfect AdSense for Search integration with WordPress Theme:

  1. Generate new AdSense search code:
    First, login to your adsense account  (Click to Sign up for Google AdSense) and begin create your adsense for search code. Read On…

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How to Make a Twitter Bot That Will Automatically Retweet Users by Keywords That You Specify

Auto Retweet Keyword Bot: this bot will auto retweet your Twitter friends according to your target keywords, thus giving you an edge when it comes to keeping in touch with your network. The automatic retweets will boost your chances of being listed, followed and retweeted in return.

(List of Auto Retweet Keyword Bots listed here)

With this technique you can make a twitter bot with no coding. Normally give someone a ReTweet enough to make them follow you and it keeps your profile active, so you can semi-automate the accounts and use it as an aid for making connections.

Step 1: Make your Twitter account Bot to Auto Retweet Keyword

Go to and create a new account for your Auto Retweet Keyword Bot. Try to choose a nice name and cute avatar. Or something as kool background?!

Step 2: Find conversations that you want to Auto Retweet Keyword

Okay, we have our Twitter account and we will need to scan for any twitter conversations retweet. To do this we'll use Twitter Search. In this example we are going to search for ["thanks 4 following"], but to stop our bot Retweeting you want to add a negative keyword to your botname. So research ["thanks 4 following"-botname], probably this: (This would be the keyword that you want for your Auto Retweet Keyword Bot) Read On…

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Coupon Codes: How to Find And Save Money While Shopping Online With Amazon Coupon Codes

Find And Save Money While Shopping Online With Amazon Deals

Amazon offers some of the lowest prices on the items you want. Can you believe that using an Amazon coupon can make already low prices even lower? Whether it is clothing, books, music, swimwear, or phone accessories, using an Amazon coupon can help save you a considerable amount. Customers find that the Promo Codes can really add up, saving them a bundle. Amazon Markets Coupons are easy to activate and redeem online, as long as you use the coupon before the expiration date.

Here are few steps to save money with Amazon Deals

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1WayLinks How To Succeed? – Get Up To 750 Backlinks With One Way Links

1WayLinks: Get Permanent and (One Way Links) from your relevant niche market that will enhance your website’s ranking in the search results.

One Way Backlinks: Why you need them and how to get them:


The One Way Links program uses WordPress blogs. This is a review of Jonathan Leger’s {One Way Links|1WayLinks|one-way links|One Way Backlinks|1WayLinks} automated backlinking service. Members can post up to 750 backlinks per month. It is affordable. The questions remain: Is it powerful? Is it useful?

The One Way Links are links to your site from sites which do not receive a link from your site. They send a powerful message to the search engines – that your website is so valuable or interesting or useful that other sites want to tell people about it. 1WayLinks are wonderful things to have because they increase your link popularity – the number of pages linking to your site. Search engines such as Google place huge importance on link popularity when ranking your site.ÂYou can also receive direct traffic to your site from people who click on the links. All links to your site are good, but where possible always aim for topic-related links. Late in 2005, Matt Cutts of Google made it plain in his blog that Google frowns upon sites which “overdo” reciprocal links. Heed his warning and try to make as many of your links as possible 1WayLinks.

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