Part I: In just one day, you have reached thousands Followers

One of the best methods to get More Free Twitter Followers and make money online: More Credits = More Free Twitter Followers = More Money

But, first of all: Please remember to be responsible, see twitter's rules on aggressive following and churning before Get More Free Twitter Followers daily! Twitter account may be suspended permanently if violate these terms of service. Read more: Your Twitter Account Suspended? How to remove it?

Want to learn the fastest way to get more Twitter followers? Take a look at this article which will show you how to get more Twitter followers with ease!

When you look at the profile of a member of twitter, if you see the rate Following/Followers = min / MAX, you'll probably think that: this person is a Guru!? They have a very small number of Following but Followers is very large number. This brings the benefits to you, everyone will think that, you are an expert in your field, and many people listen to your tweets and follow you. You can do that with the services that I will introduce below: 

I- Services to exchange Points to Followers: Get More Free Twitter Followers day by day

I-1 Twiends: (are dying)

All you must understand is how you can get more Twitter followers than you have. How do you do that quickly? Simple! You buy them. But wait a minute, you cand Use Twiends to Get More Free Twitter Followers For Free!

It's a free twitter app that can be used to build your twitter followers. The service is completely free to use (unless you buy credits) and works effectively allowing users to still follow you even if you run out of credits to hand out. is a site to grow your Twitter followers by getting people to follow you in exchange for credits. (get More credits – get More Free Twitter Followers). You can choose the amount of credits you offer for a follow and these can be bought or earned for competing various tasks, such as following someone, signing up for their mailing list, or simply blogging about it. Advertise yourself on twiends and thousands of people will follow you. You can even highlight yourself to people with common interests in your country. Twiends also helps you get facebook fans and website visitors. So what are you waiting for ?? Join, now. First of all, you must to Signup and follow the instructions in the picture below:

More Free Twitter Followers-Twiends Sign Up

After complete information and click Register button (Note: do not take same as Twitter account). If successful registration window will appear asking you continue:

Twiends Sign In Twitter - More Free Twitter Followers

As soon as the registration is complete you have 50 points (Bonus). Click Sign in with Twitter to Allow connect to your Twitter account:

Twiends Connect 2 Twitter - More Free Twitter Followers

Ok, When you connect to Twitter successful start earning credits in the following ways:

1. Follow Featured users : 

GetCreditBonus More Free Twitter Followers

2. And get free credits everyday: 

More Free Twitter Followers-Get Free Credits

My experience so everything set to default, every day you press the See more > button and Following until there are no credits to get or not allowed following by Twitter. Believe me, just a week, you have reached thousands Followers – Get More Free Twitter Followers day by day. Therefore, Twitter (Followers & Friends) or All button has been eliminated, however, you can press the Twiend button repeatedly (40 times) have the same effect.

All members in this site are real people, but they are all people who are driven by their own, selfish goal to increase their own numbers (More Free Twitter Followers). Each and every person is there to promote their own stuff and if that means that they must blindly follow thousands of people, then so be it.

People will unfollow you on Twitter almost immediately. It’s true that people only follow you to increase their points. After that, they will hit “unfollow” and you’ll never see them again.

You have so many irrelevant twitter account, who follow you just for points on Twiends:

Not More Free Twitter Followers

… and then un follows you. Twiends is a waste of time and money.

Enjoy! Hope this will help you to gain More Free Twitter Followers fast and free.

New! FollowsPro: FollowsPro is created to help Twitters to steadily gain thousands of More Free Twitter Followers FAST! Get Started to get More Free Twitter Followers Now!

More Free Twitter Followers

Simply register or login and add twitter accounts that you administer. Add number of coins that you gained from PlusOne-ing and Following others. Set number of coins per click (CPC) and watch the Followers increase steadly everyday!

I-2 LetUsFollow: Get free Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Youtube views and subscribers, Website visits, more Retweets and Digg votes for free:

This is a website for exchanging twitter followers (More Free Twitter Followers), facebook likes, website visits, youtube views, youtube subscribers and digg votes. It has a point system similar to Twiends. Twiends is no more a way to grow social networkNot so long ago, Twiends was considered as the best tool to grow your social network. With so many sections, and services, it gained immense popularity among its users. Although, its website and youtube section sucked, but getting free More Free Twitter Followers and facebook page likes at that time was more than enough for us. People didn’t care how irrelevant their free More Free Twitter Followers were, how dumb their free traffic was, they were jut enjoying the numbers. I myself, promoted twiends among my friends and More Free Twitter Followers for a long time.

But, as they say, things do change. And it changed with the launch of LetUsFollow.

LetUsFollow - More Free Twitter Followers

LetUsFollow was launched as a tool to bring not just free traffic, but effective and relevant visitors on the website. It was for the first time that a tool was concentrating more on quality, than the quantity, of  website visitors. On the other hand, Twiends was in no mood to improve its faulty website section.
LetUsFollow become the best tool to bring genuine and free traffic on the websites, as Twiends had to discontinue its website section.

After looking at the success of Twiends and LetUsFollow (& Traffup), a lot of similar websites were launched to promote the social network of people. These websites were more like the clones of Twiends –  providing similar services with similar flaws. They were not just using the same script of Twiends, but their credit plans were also exactly like it.

On the other hand, after the success of its website section, LetUsFollow introduced its twitter section – with a main aim to bring relevant and free More Free Twitter Followers on the account of its users. It takes a lot of measures to ensure genuine twitter followers on their users account. It relied more on quality of twitter followers, then their quantity.

In addition to this, LetUsFollow also introduced its Free Retweets section (Retweet Messages and Earn Points). Retweets are one of the best tools of getting targeted visitors to your website. Post a tweet using its automated system and let others retweet it. Donot forget to assign credits you are willing to award the user who retweets them.. There is no other retweets service, as popular as LetUsFollow, at the present time. So you can spread the word via twitter and get lots of free targeted visitors to your website. Now you can also schedule a tweet in LetUsFollow.

LetUsFollow is much more than just an alternative of Twiends. And that is why, I have started promoting LetUsFollow, instead of Twiends to get More Free Twitter Followers.

The success of  LetUsFollow was not the only reason for the demise of Twiends.

Actually, that period saw an increase in number of websites trading in illegal facebook page likes. And this cautioned Facebook, which immediately banned all those website, including Twiends. It was a very big blow for Twiends, as it was left with just its Twitter section.

It was a very critical time for Twiends. But what amazed me was that Twiends did  nothing to improve its present level of service (even now). It should have rather gone for improving its Twitter section, than starting its “Twitter Applications” section.

If you haven’t tried LetUsFollow  yet, take my words, join it now.

Bonus for More Free Twitter Followers: I'm giving away free LetUsFollow Coupon code worth 200 credits valid till 31st december – Please Enter Coupon Code: tomveo

Same to get More Free Twitter Followers: SocialClerks, Tweers: is an exchanging network where people do Facebook likes, Google plus ones +1, Twitter followers and YouTube views. In return they get points. These points can be used to get more Facebook likes, Google plus ones, twitter followers and YouTube views.

I-3 More Free Twitter Followers & Get Free Traffic To Your Website With TraffUp: A worthy adversary for twiends: 

It is said that when a website starts loosing the faith of its users, it becomes very difficult for it to regain its lost status. And twiends, at the present time, is dealing with the same thing.

Get Free Traffic

This is an innovative service. You not only earn points from the viewing websites and follow Twitteres. You can also earn points from the RT (Just Retweet Messages and Earn Points). This is the most competitive feature of this service. Do not spend a penny, in just one day you can get More Free Twitter Followers (thousands of Followers).

TraffUpNew Get More Free Twitter Followers


I-4 You can also use this (YouLikeHits)

youlikehits Get More Free Twitter Followers

Try same here :

  1. FBLikesYou bring you more twitter followers:
  2. FBLikesYou More Free Twitter Followers
  3. Ex4Me get More Free Twitter Followers:


I-5 Increasr:  a clone of YouLikeHits : help you get More Free Twitter Followers, FREE! This service currently exceeds the Twiends Get More Free Twitter Followers

I-6 Twirlos: The forerunner of this page was previously named and Be a part of twirlos twitter directory, the best twitter train on the market. Free to join and getting many new followers. This service is similar Twiends, you change points (purchased or free) to get More Free Twitter Followers. 

As soon as the registration is complete you have 10 Points signup bonus!

  • Follow Featured users: get 5 points
  • Follow others and get Followed for credits!
    • +1 Points per each follow you do
    • -1 Points per each follower you get

Twirlos More Free Twitter Followers

Try the same here:

  1. TweepBee to get More Free Twitter Followers
  2. Try Beta Tweezard for More Free Twitter Followers

Using these sites, you’ll get a group of followers in exchange for following a group of people.





- You’ll have to enter your twitter password and they will spam your account with some promotional tweets (More Free Twitter Followers = More SPAM)

- You can be banned when you repeatedly follows and un-follows the same large numbers of users. Instead, you should use mass block service (view here). More Free Twitter Followers not at all costs.

I-7 InfiniteAdds: You should join this new app that can help you get More Free Twitter Followers!

infiniteAdds Get More Free Twitter Followers

I-8 Friendr (New – launched 07-Jan-2011): is a tool that helps you grow your followers on Twitter. You can specify your interests to get a much more targeted following and also find those with the same interests to follow:


II./ Similar sites: As already representation above, Twiends site activities based on the principle: you follow the members of this site to get credit – will have a few members of these followback you (with twiends, this number is not much) , and other members will follow you to earn credit. Several other sites also based on this principle but entirely voluntary: you follow the members of the list and in turn they will followback you (absolutely no credit). With this system the number followback rate sometimes are very high (up to 70%). Sites are include: : Flickswap, FanSlave: (As the first provider in the world FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page. After the successful registration, you can click through the pages of the FanSlave network. If you like the page, you get FanSlave credits for your efforts, which you can cash out after reaching the minimum payout of € 15), SocialClump (Follow Tweeps & watch Youtube for More Free Twitter Followers)

More Free Twitter Followers

Be careful when you decide to purchase services here !!!!! – These services are generally welcome the following sentence: "Congratulations, you have joined the train!" Beware, they take your money to train, but you shall stay in the station - Many of these are phishing sites: tweeterghost, twittbackup, …

My point with these services are: Free? OK, Pay the fee? have to wait.

II.2. Tweetersonline is also worthy of consideration for testing:

More Free Twitter Followers-tweetersonline

In my opinion, this is a kind service. After log in using your twitter account, you have chosen the following services:

  • Use TweetersOnline Tool #1 : Follow new members here: max 30 Followers for Free
  • Use TweetersOnline Tool #2 : Retrieve list & reward followers…
  • Use TweetersOnline Tool #3 : Set up auto tweets: This tool allows you to store up to ten messages (upgraded) or one message (basic membership) auto tweets. This tool will auto tweet to your followers everyday at 10am EST. So you can promote yourself even if you are gone on vacation for 2 weeks
    You can delete these at anytime and add new ones, or no more auto tweets.
  • Use TweetersOnline Tool #4 : Count exactly how many followers you have gained using this site…
  • Use TweetersOnline Tool #5 : ONE CLICK MASS UNFOLLOW (The BuggaBoo Hunter….) and……..

the More Credite you get, the More Free Twitter Followers will return!

Learning how to gain a ton more Twitter followers is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing. This info source on gaining thousands More Free Twitter Followers will have you begging for more!

Here a list of website you can get More Free Twitter Followers (or fans) FREE. There is options to buy credits. – you dont need to be fanpage admin

More Free Twitter Followers More Traffic to Your Site!

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