Essential Tools to Increase Your Twitter: Active Mass ReTweet, Twitter Analytics & Monitoring Tools

How to Measure Your Twitter Influence. Twittering is an excellent social media tool that you can use for marketing your message. If you host your own personal blog or contribute to a corporate blog, you should be using twitter to gain…

This Service helps you send Bulk Direct Messages on Twitter to any and every your twitter followers. Easiest way to bulk DM on Twitter.

You know, everytime you sends out a link to your followers by “Tweeting“, you gets 2% of your followers clicking on it immediately. Imagine, if you had your twitter following by 20,000 people, that is 400 FREE clicks within minutes! This statistic is calculated for the "golden hour". Of course, with the utilization of the Followers of the RT bot accounts, this number will be multiplied. However, to calculate the "golden hour", you need to have tools to measure and test for each time of day, and during the week. Even if you have found a "golden hour" of the day, you can not send hundreds of tweets in this period. At this very moment you need the help of specialized tools. These tools will be sent mass direct messages to RT bot accounts, then activate them to retweet your tweets.

First you need to know how to send a DM from your twitter account to another account: To send a direct message in Twitter, send a tweet that starts with the letter D, then a space, then the user’s Twitter name. If you wanted to send a direct message to @BarackObama, for example, you would type:

D BarackObama Thanks for your Tweet, visit my bog, pls:

And hit Update. The private message will be sent only to that user, not visible to the public or your followers.
There’s a catch: to send a direct message to someone, they must be following you. If you try to send @BarackObama a direct message, and he’s not following you, you’ll get an error message like this:
 BarackObama does not follow you. Send 'follow BarackObama' to request. 
 Note: Make sure you only type D, not DM. If you Twitter DM and then the user name, it will be a public message! That would be bad.

I- Send Direct Message to Multiple Users (bulk direct messages):

TweetGuru Multi DM – Tool for bulk direct messages: 

TweetGuru’s MultiDM application is beneficial to any and every Twitter user.
Sending a direct message to one of your friends, colleagues or family members on Twitter is the best way to keep personal business private.
MultiDM allows users to send multiple direct messages all at once. This is a great application for users who need to get an important message out to their followers quickly and privately.
 DMs ensure that your message is received and hasn’t fallen into the abyss of messages a person receives daily. MultiDM is free and doesn’t require a long drawn-out registration process. To get started, just authenticate your account and start sending:

TweetGuru_MultiDM - bulk direct messages

Users can only send 12 bulk direct messages at a time. To send a bulk direct messages, enter the usernames of the 12 people you wish to send a message to. Each username must be separated by a comma in order for this to work properly. Type the message you want to send (140 characters only) and hit submit. Your message will be sent to all of your friends just like it would be if you were using Twitter. Bulk direct messages is not to be used to spam users with frivolous messages.

TweetGuru Send Bulk Direct Messages - bulk direct messages

The results was reported below:

TweetGuru_MultiDM_Sent - bulk direct messages

This action is effective immediately:

TweetGuru_MultiDM_Result - bulk direct messages

Note: MultiDM is definitely a very useful application and will definitely come in handy to send out bulk direct messages to your followers. However, right now the number of recipients is limited to 12, but you you can contact the developer to increase the number of recipients to a larger number.

You must always remember that: Bulk Direct Messages ≈ Fast Suspended. If you search on Google you'll find many services for sending bulk direct messages. For example, can send thousands of DM at the same time, this tool allows you to send a message to all of your followers. Before sending a message to all of your followers, make sure you really not want to be suspended. TweetGuru helps you send bulk direct messages on Twitter to all your twitter followers. Easiest way to bulk DM on Twitter.

II- Mass Delete Twitters Direct Messages vs. Bulk Direct Messages:

II.1- InboxCleaner: Delete Bulk Direct Messages

Discover How to Instantly Delete Bulk Direct Messages in Twitter! Twitter there is not an option to mass delete all messages from your Twitter account. And neither be allowed to send direct messages to several friends Twitter.
If the "messages" folder of your Twitter account has grown large enough and you need a simple way to remove all the clutter, let try InboxCleaner. Deletion the DMs of Twitter account will empty your sent folder, so if you sent a very important private messgae to one of your Twitter friends, you can save it back. The application also allows you to delete messages directly to specific Twitterers, which is useful when you receive a lot of spam from a Twitter bot, you can delete all with one click:

InboxCleaner - bulk direct messages

InboxCleaner will help you delete bulk direct messages in your inbox immediately. It will also save you lot of time as deleting each of the hundreds of Twitter Direct Messages, would take lot of time.

II.2- TweetWax: Mass Delete Twitter Direct Messages Vs. Bulk Direct Messages:

Are you tired of looking at your Twitter direct messages inbox jammed with too many spammy messages? If you don’t delete your Direct Messages often then it will pile up to a large number which is of no use and pointless. And deleting each of the Direct Messages manuall by clicking the delete button would be very time consuming. TweetWax is an easy to use Twitter solution for the mass deletion of Twitter Direct Messages (Delete Bulk Direct Messages Solution).


  • Delete in Bulk Direct Messages on Twitter
  • Add tags to messages and filter them by tags.
  • Assign a different color to each tag.
  • No registration required, just sign in with your Twitter credentials.
  • Similar tool: InboxCleaner.

TweetWax - bulk direct messages

Results after deleting:

TweetWaxFinal - bulk direct messages

III- Measure Your Twitter: Stats, Reach, Ranking, Influence…

If you’re tasked with social media monitoring for your company or clients, you’ve probably become quite adept at tracking Twitter mentions. If you own a website, you would be curious on the popularity of your website.

Part of marketing yourself successfully on twitter is to understand how you are measured. Once you've been tweeting for awhile and have accumulated a set of followers it is useful to gather marketing analytics and measure your twitter influence. This article will show you how to use specific twitter tools to do just that.

1. Twitalyzer: A great tool to measure your success using the service, called Twitalyzer, with lots of new features and a sleek interface.

TWITALYZER provides activities analysis of any Twitter user, based on social media success yardsticks. Its metrics include (a) Influence score, which is basically your popularity score on Twitter (b) signal-to-noise ratio (c) one's propensity to ‘retweet' or pass along others' tweets (d) velocity – the rate one's updates on Twitter and (e) clout – based on how many times one is cited in tweets. Its Time-based Analysis of Twitter Usage produces graphical representation of progression on various measures. Using Twitalyzer is a easy; just enter your Twitter ID and that's it! It doesn't require any password to use its service. Speed of analysis is depending on the size of your Followed and Followers lists.

  • Go to and type in the name of your account, or any account that you would like to research.
  • Read the results. The account is analyzed in five ways: influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, and clout. See How to Understand Your Twitalyzer Analysis.

By signing in with Twitter you will get full access to Twitalyzer including support for multiple accounts, Google Analytics integration, activity tracking over time and audience exploration tools. For an example, lets twitalyze @BarackObama:

Twitalyze - bulk direct messages

Main Features:

  1. Easy to Read Summary Metrics – This feature lets you visualize where you are headed using the service, as viewing your data shouldn’t be difficult:
    Twitalyze_Metric - bulk direct messages
    Go to the Reach: You also will get an exact number of people you reached via your tweets. Use this tool to test specific tweets. Increase your marketing twitter influence by using the results as a gauge for what your followers value.:
    Twitalyze_Reach - bulk direct messages
    This feature also provides free service at TweetReach:


    TweetReachReport - bulk direct messages

  2. Powerful Interactive Charts and Graphs – Users of the service spend a lot of time evaluating their success in social media, so these powerful charting and graphing features have been designed to accelerate time to insight:
    Twitalyze_Trends - bulk direct messages
    This feature also provides free service at TweetStats:


    TweetStats - bulk direct messages

  3. Rich Data Visualizations – Quickly visualize a large amount of information without having to browse through otherwise useless metrics.
    You can also see similar services following:
    BackType: BackType is a social analytics platform that helps companies understand their social impact:
    BackType - bulk direct messages
    Or, and or
  4. Integration with Google Analytics – Twitalyzer integrates with Google Analytics to present stats on how many clicks each of your tweets receive.
    Twitalyze_Tracked_Clicks - bulk direct messages

A strong feature for the analysis of your tweets is  Search function: You type the keywords or Phrase in the search box:

Twitalyze_Search - bulk direct messages

To see more information about a message that you are interested, go to Analyze Tweet (right click context menu – illustrated above):

Twitalyze_Tweet_Tracking - bulk direct messages

It also offers many other powerful features, but to use them you have to pay.

2. Twitter Analyzer: Is one of the Most Advanced Twitter Analytic System in the World, it features more then 50 statistic measures about your twitter account presented by real-time graphs and charts. Twitter Analyzer has been written by mathematicians and utilizes a very sophisticated and advanced statistics technology, some of which may even be patented by the owner (if he decide to do so). 

Twitter Analyzer is ranked 1st with important keywords like "Twitter analytics", "Twitter statistics", "Twitter analyzer" and many more. Twitter Analyzer does not require you to log into your account:

TwitterAnalyzer - bulk direct messages

The difference compared to other programs Twitter analysis include the following special features. Two unique features will help you plan your strategy to Tweet on Twitter.

1. Friends >> On-Line Followers:

Do you want to know how many of your Follower are online in real time. This function will tell you that, based on the Real-Time On-Line Followers you will know when to post your messages to the max followers:

TwitterAnalyzer_Friends - bulk direct messages

2. Friends >> Followers Density Map: You even know which country they belong, and what they are doing on Twitter

Followers_Density_Map - bulk direct messages

Other features you can learn yourself.

2. Clicky is an excellent web analytics service that lets you track real time stats for your blog or website:

Setting up Clicky for your website is fairly easy. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and sign up for a free account. You can set up your blog to track the usual blog stats. Click on the Twitter >> Setup >> Create new Twitter search (Right Side Bar). Choose the option to create new Twitter search query. You can add any twitter search query of your choice. To track it for your blog, build a search query that includes your Twitter username and your domain name. For example, in my case it would be something like below:

Clicky_Search - bulk direct messages

Save the query. You will immediately start seeing detailed statistics on your search query. You can compare stats from different time periods. You can even retweet or reply to the tweets from within Clicky interface.

Clicky_Search-Results - bulk direct messages

You also get WordPress plugin to automatically include the tracking code on your blog, filter out admin visits, and name your visitors automatically. (The auto-naming feature requires a Pro account). Coming soon, this plugin will also display your stats within your WP admin page, via some of these widgets.

Clicky_WP_Plugin - bulk direct messages

The Twitter analytics dashboard is divided into seven sections: one tracking the number of tweets, the senders of those tweets, the recipients of those tweets, the types of those tweets, links mentioned, tags mentioned and finally a list of the most recent tweets for that search. The default time frame for the search is 1 day however you can change that to include all tweets in the last month, six months or year BUT up to a maximum of 100 tweets.

With only three services presented above, you already possess the analytical tools for Twitter, those are extremely powerful.

Bulk Direct Messages or Not bulk direct messages: that is the question.

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  • #Kerala Essential Tools to Increase Your Twitter: Active Mass ReTweet, Twitter Analytics & Monitoring Tools

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