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I love Twitter, but one feature that could be improved is follower management. To manage your followers in Twitter, you navigate to the follower page, but once there it’s not easy to find the people who followed you most recently and decide whether you want to follow them back. In fact, as far as I know, your Twitter followers aren’t even listed in order of the date they followed you, but by the date they joined Twitter, which is worse than useless, in my opinion. That’s why it makes sense to try out some tools for managing Twitter followers. Here are a few that I have tested.

Twitter Followers management, which will help you to Bulk Unfolow Twitter User the Twitter users who are not following you in bulk. Tools to batch Follow/{Unfollow|Mass Unfolow Twitter User|Bulk Unfolow Twitter User|Find and unfollow Twitter|Unfollow Users on Twitter|bulk unfollow Twitter followers|Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users}/Block twitter followers

Mass Unfollow

Twitter is best marketing and promotional tool for Blogging but only if it is used effectively. Effective management is key to making the most of your Twitter experience.

I love Twitter, but one feature that could be improved is follower management. To manage your followers in Twitter, you navigate to the follower page, but once there it’s not easy to find the people who followed you most recently and decide whether you want to follow them back. In fact, as far as I know, your Twitter followers aren’t even listed in order of the date they followed you, but by the date they joined Twitter, which is worse than useless, in my opinion. That’s why it makes sense to try out some tools for managing Twitter followers. Here are a few that I have tested.

First you need to know Current Twitter Limits:

  • Direct Messages: 250 per day.
  • API Requests: 150 per hour.
  • Updates: 1,000 per day. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. Retweets are counted as updates.
  • Changes to Account Email: 4 per hour.
  • Following (daily): Please note that this is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following behavior. You can find detailed page describing following limits and prohibited behavior on the Follow Limits and Best Practices Page. The technical follow limit is 1,000 per day.
  • Following (account-based): Once an account is following 2,000 other users, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios. The Follow Limits and Best Practices Page has more information.
    • Warnning: all of desktop applications and online services, those provided Followers are advised that: should only get about 150÷200 Following per day. The maximum allowed is 500 per day, beyond this number, your account will be suspended.

And How a good Twitter Follow/Follower ratio matters. I never had given much thought to it but on a base level it makes sense. If you have 10,000 people following you and you only follow 10 of them, you must have some in demand Tweets. On the flip side if you are following 10,000 and only have 10 paying attention to you, you must really be an attention whore.

Here’s how the Twitter Friend-Follower Ratio Scale works, but What’s a Twitter Ratio? It’s the ratio of your followers and followings (people who follow you), which are used to determine how noisy, wonderful, or useless you might be on Twitter:

  • A ratio of less than 1.0 indicates that you are seeking knowledge (and Twitter Friends), but not getting much Twitter Love in return.
  • A ratio of around 1.0 means you are respected among your peers. Either that or you follow your Mom and she follows you.
  • A ratio of 2.0 or above shows that you are a popular person and people want to hear what you have to say. You might be a thought leader in your community.
  • A TFF Ratio 10 or higher indicates that you’re either a Rock Star in your field or you are an elitist and you cannot be bothered by Twitter’s mindless chatter. You like to hear yourself talk. Luckily others like to hear you talk, too. You may be an ass.

Before applying the technique to increase Followers (or Mass Mass Unfolow Twitter User) you should read this before you start work by increasing your followers. You can read the full Following Rules and Best Practices and Automation Rules and Best Practices here.

Get your TFF Ratio:   

 Followers / Following = Twitter Influence Ratio

Example: 533 / 609 = 0.875

TFF Ratio's Twitter Ratio Badge

Do you want to Get your RFF Ratio? The simplest way is that you replace your username in the following path:

Want more information you could visit the following path then replace with your username:

Your TFF Ratio (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio) is the ratio of your followers to friends (or people who you follow). The higher the ratio, the more Twitter heat you pack.

Bulk Following by the desktop application is absolutely not recommended. If you use this type of applications, we advise you to limit less than 200 Following per day. Twitter will suspend your account if they think you are following too many people too quickly, or are violating their terms of service . It is recommended you follow at most 75÷100 and max is 2Ǡ people per day.
When Your TFF Ratio is reached to a certain level, you will not be able to continue Following anymore. Then you will have to re-filter your friends list.

Let’s face it, “Managing” your twitter follow list is really pruning the dead wood. If you have followers that aren’t active, aren’t engaging you in conversation, or aren’t following you back, you have some work to do.

Sometimes bloggers get so much frustrated when it comes to manage their twitter accounts like sending direct messages or follow/Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Twitter users. If you will always keep yourself busy with such activities on Twitter, you won’t able to do promotional activities and drive traffic. Thus, to make your task easy there are few free online Twitter tools which will help you to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users the Twitter users who are not following you in bulk. Here are some best ways for Unfollow twitter users in bulk. This is a nice tool to increase your twitter followers and flush out users who do not follow back!

I- Auto Follow Back Techniques Tools:

Imagine, if other members also apply this technique to you? So, the first tool you need are "Auto Follow Back Techniques Tools".
Have you ever wonder why some company starts following you as soon you are mentioning it’s name on Twitter? Or some user instantly follows you back if you start following to his tweets? These are techniques used by many to gain popularity on Twitter.
Tip: There are many approaches to get 1Ǡ′s even 1000′s of followers on twitter. One simple way is to follow everyone  that @autofollowbacks is following, because everyone that follows @autofollowbacks has autofollow enabled ( auto follow simply make you follow everyone that follow you) after a few days, you will have a good number of followers, you can then reduce the number of persons ur following. These Twitter's Members are called "Twitter Zombie Followers". Do you want to become a "Twitter Zombie"?
Advanced: Find A TFF Ratio approximately 1.0 to follow, more some people, who autofollow enabled: @dannyintampa, @chrispirillo, @newmediajim, @socialmediaclub, @queenoftheclick.
You can also use Twitter Search to find: # autofollow – Twitter Search.

1. Tweet Manager:

tweetmanager - Mass Unfollow

This tool allows you to automatically follow people that are following you on twitter. Auto follow keywords feature well worth:

tweetmanager01 - Mass Unfollow

The online services have similar features, which we have introduced named Socialoomph (Part II: Just Click to Get Thousands of Twitter Followers per Day Completely Free).

2. Socialoomph:

Mass Unfollow

After registering a free account, you log into your account and set the following configurations:

- Your account automation settings (auto-follow, auto-DM, Twitter password, etc.)

Social Accounts => Add New Account => Add Twitter:

socialoomph_setting - Mass Unfollow

Social Account => Manage Accounts: click Edit

socialoomph_setting1 - Mass Unfollow

- Setting Optional Twitter Account Automation: Check box Auto WelcomeAuto Follow:

socialoomph_setting2 - Mass Unfollow

OK, basically you have finished setting auto-follow back. In order to increase efficiency, you should set the following additional features: Go to Followers/Friends => Vet Followers / Friends => Vet New Followers / Friends and set: If the last status update was made more than 30 days ago then pre-select Block (or Ignore). Be aware, Auto Welcome feature of Socialoomph is extremely valuable.

3. Refollow (not full-automatically) is arguably one of the best twitter follow bulk unfollow Twitter followers applications ever made!:

Refollow helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle – the best out there – assist you in setting up parameters to eliminate unwanted noise. Refollow is definitely a step in the right direction. The filtering feature is very cool – Excellent tool for analyzing followers using nearly every conceivable combination of options (missing picture, suspended, fan [following u but ur not following them], last tweet in X days etc.) UI is clean and responsive. You should definitely check it out. Uses OAuth so you don't need to enter name / password which is something you must consider an important safety feature.

Refollow - Mass Unfollow

When you login using twitter OAuth, the application gets your friend list. You can then choose among the various filters available. You can choose to view all users who are following you, users followed by you as well as filter users by name.

Select the users you want to perform a certain action on and hit the appropriate button. Suppose you want to bulk Find and unfollow Twitter all twitter friends who aren’t following you back. Just select the Not Following Me filter, click Select All and hit the Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users button! This service is the most powerful filters. But, it does not have the settings automatically.

refollow_filter - Mass Unfollow


II- Bulk bulk unfollow Twitter followers|Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Techniques Tools:

1. ManageFlitter:

This tool is the current top Twitter Account Management, absolutely free. Clean up and manage who you follow. Find out who isn't following you back. Find out which inactive accounts you follow. Easily search inside your Twitter stream. This is by far the best performer of the bunch. Really clean interface to see who isn't following you, and who are the quiet or talkative users, and the response time is very fast. Handy when trying to trim the number of people I follow. The "talkative" filter in particular as those who tweet a lot have to earn their spot if they are filling up my stream. The interface is useful with many filters to narrow down who you are looking at, making the effort to weed out those not following you back a much shorter exercise than with all the other tools.

ManageFlitter - Mass Unfollow

and Allow ManageFlitter access to your account:

ManageFlitterAccess - Mass Unfollow

Wait while ManageFlitter downloading infomation about your account:

ManageFlitterLoading - Mass Unfollow

Click Expand to show result then click or drag inside the box to select multiple account:

ManageFlitterResult - Mass Unfollow

Repeat the above steps with inactive accounts over 30 days. My goal was to bulk unfollow Twitter followers anybody who hadn’t updated in x days. I decided that 30 days was a reasonable number. If you haven’t updated in a month, chances are that account has been abandoned, or you’ve been forced to leave Twitter for other reasons.
But there's a different view on this issue is: Lots of accounts on Twitter use auto-follow/bulk unfollow Twitter followers tools, and it did occur to me by purging my following list of so many people there was a good chance I’d lose a large number of followers myself. Even if the accounts had been abandoned, if they were tied into an auto-Mass Unfolow Twitter User, they’d drop off my radar. I decided this didn’t matter to me at all, because if there’s no point following a user who never updates, there’s not much point being followed by one, either. Oh, for me, it’s important to ensure that my network is relative and efficient, and I cannot think of a single positive reason to follow a user that never updates. Indeed, by removing those 150 ‘dead’ accounts, it’s freed me up to follow 150 active ones, with no change to the size of my user base. By repeating this process every 30-60 days, I can comfortably administer the folks I am following and ensure my network remains optimised.

2. TwEntourage:

Recruit and manage your Twitter EntourageTwEntourage helps you manage your Twitter entourage. Store 25 search phrases. Targeted follow suggestions. Easy following + Unfollow. DM all your followers. You can then log in with your Twitter username and password. If this is first time logging in to TwEntourage, Twitter will ask you to Allow TwEntourage access to your Twitter account:

twitauth - Mass Unfollow

The first time you sign in, TwEntourage will load all of your following/follower information. This may take a considerable amount of time, depending on how many of each you have. The page may reload multiple times during this process before it completes. Please be patient during this process. Your data will also refresh when you sign in if more than 12 hours have passed since your last signin. The refresh should take much less time. Once your data is loaded you will go to My TwEntourage the TwEntourage Management Interface. 

TwEntourage_loading - Mass Unfollow

TwEntourage displays your profile image, your screen name and your latest Tweet. If you have Saved Searches in your Twitter profile, they will be displayed here. Click a Search phrase to view Suggestions of Twitter users that have used your saved phrase in their Tweets. These suggestions are updated even when you are not signed in to TwEntourage. If you click the red-x magnifying glass, your saved search will be deleted from your Twitter profile and from the TwEntourage offline search. Enter a new keyword phrase and click Save Search to add to your profile, and TwEntourage's offline search. You can perform People Searches through TwEntourage as well. This behaves like the 'Find People' search on Twitter. Enter a company person's name and click People Search. These are not saved or updated when you are offline. Click a Search phrase to see user suggestions, with their latest Tweet that contains your search phrase. Only the most recent 100 users will display, but there may be more saved in the system. You will need to Follow or Hide some of the recent ones to see earlier ones. TwEntourage filters out Twitter users that you are already following, have blocked or hidden. If you click on the user's image, Tweet text, or in the checkbox, the box will check. You can then Follow all of the users you have checked.

TwEntourage shows your relationship to other Twitter users. Click show to see the each list. Set how many users show in a results page with the dropdown box and Set button.

Current lists include:

  • Users that you Follow that ALSO Follow you.

  • Users that you don't Follow that DO Follow you. – Use this list to Follow them!

  • Users that you Follow that do NOT Follow you. – Use this list to Find and unfollow Twitter them.

  • Users that have Find and unfollow Twitterd you.Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users them back.

  • Users that you have hidden or Unfollowed.

  • Users that you have blocked.

TwEntourage tells you what your Following to Follower ratio is. You may not be able to follow more than 2000 users unless your Following to Follower ratio is close to 1Ʌ. You may have to Unfollow users that are not following you. TwEntourage makes this easy. In the list of 'Users that you Follow that do NOT Follow you' list, you can click the user's profile picture or the checkbox to select the users you would like to Unfollow Users on Twitter. This list is ordered oldest to newest, so the first people you followed that are not following you are listed first.
You can prevent accidental Unfollow Users on Twitter by selecting unlocked users and clicking the Lock button. The Lock button toggles the lock for a user, so you can unlock them by selecting locked users and clicking the Lock button. This will not keep you from Find and unfollow Twitter users from the Twitter website, or other Twitter tools. 

TwEntourage_result - Mass Unfollow

Direct Messages: Click on the link at the bottom of the Suggestions box to send Direct Messages. You can send Direct messages to multiple Followers with ease.


  • Type your message.
  • Check the followers you wish to send to.
  • Click the Add to Queue button.

Your most recent Followers will appear at the top of the list. You can use this tool to send "Thank you for Following" messages. Each user displays the number of sent and the number of pending Direct Messages. You can see the messages that are waiting to be sent, and which ones have been. If a message is still pending, you can check it and click Remove, to delete it from the queue. Messages are sent out at the rate of 10 per hour, up to緰 per day (limited by your subscription level), until all of your queued messages are sent. Twitter limits the total number of Direct Messages you can send per day to 250.

TwEntourage_dms - Mass Unfollow

3. Tweepi:

TweepiTools - Mass UnfollowTweepi is a free tool for finding the most interactive tweeps to follow and Unfollow Users on Twitter the deadbeats using Tweepi's [geeky] Twitter scripts. Why geeky? Well, Tweepi uniquely provides numbers in a customizable/sortable table for you to pick the tweeps that best match you interests. For example, people who are active, reply much, retweet and get retweeted a lot and so on. Tweepi offers a straightforward interface and several “geeky” utilities to help you manage your network of Twitter contacts.
The creators of Tweepi describe it as “a geekier, faster way to manage Twitter” and they couldn’t be more spot-on with that description. If you’re an aficionado of data then you’re going to love Tweepi. Let’s take a look at some of it’s major features.

a- Geeky Follow: This tool attempts to help you filter these people – the geeky way, with numbers in a table – based on their activity and sociability. It's just a test tool, no guarantees what so ever. So you can enter the screen name of a Twitterer that interests you, for instance, and hit enter. You will be asked to allow Tweepi access to your existing Twitter account.

TweepiFollow - Mass Unfollow

Once that is done you will have a list of the searched users followers. While the "Select All" button is disabled in order to follow Twitter rules there is a trick you can do to select all users shown on the page with two clicks. Hold SHIFT while you click on the first user on the list, scroll down to the end of the list and hold SHIFT while you click on the last user. The list displays 20 users per page. You can change this to 40 if you scroll down and tweet about the Tweepi, don't worry they have a preset tweet waiting for you at the bottom of the page! This is way easier than completely manually going around and following users, and its still quality follows. You can choose from one of the following preset targets:

TweepiOptions - Mass Unfollow

To speed things up, you can hide people you’re already following or remove most of the stats from the results page:

tweepi_options - Mass Unfollow

You can also customize the columns to display what’s most important to you when deciding who to follow and who to Unfollow.

tweepi_customize_columns - Mass Unfollow

Sort along criteria, please note that the sorting functionality only sorts the 20 (or 40) currently loaded users and not all users matching the current criteria.

TweepiFollowing - Mass Unfollow

b- Geeky Flush: is a simple utility for quickly Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users tweeps that you follow but don't follow you back… Again, other things to debate – “do you only find people interesting if they find you interesting?”

TweepiFlush - Mass Unfollow

c. Geeky Reciprocate: The Reciprocate feature is the inverse of the Flush feature. It lists Twitterers who are following you but whom you’re not following. Reciprocate on the other hand, shows a table of users who are following you but you have yet to follow yourself. Finally, Geeky Cleanup  filters out the profiles that offer no valuable content or don’t engage in actual Twitter conversations so you can easily Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users them as you see fit, , meaning you can follow all those users who followed you but you haven't followed them yet.

TweepiReciprocate - Mass Unfollow

d. Geeky Cleanup: The Cleanup feature enables you to remove inactive users or report spammers and bots.

e. Geeky Safelist: The Safelist feature protects those uses whom you might accidentally Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users using some of the other tools. This is definitely helpful.

4. UnTweeps:

Unfolow Twitter users who don't tweet often enough (Mass Unfolow Twitter User Twitter users inactive over x day). UnTweeps uses the Twitter API to Unfollow Users on Twitter selected people you are following. Use Twitter's login system which then allows UnTweeps to do its thing on your behalf:

UnTweeps - Mass Unfollow

After logging in, enter the number of days in the past you want to check. If you enter 30, then anyone who hasn't updated their Twitter status (tweeted) in the past 30 days will be shown on a list:

UnTweepsUpdate - Mass Unfollow

The users in the list that have a check mark in the checkbox are the ones you want to Unfollow. Click the "Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Selected Tweeps" button. UnTweeps sends the list to the Twitter API. The API then does the actual {Unfollow|Mass Unfolow Twitter User|Bulk Unfolow Twitter User|Find and unfollow Twitter|Unfollow Users on Twitter|bulk unfollow Twitter followers|Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users}. There are times when the API is running behind. Don't be alarmed if the users you just Unfollow Users on Twitter still show up in your follwing list on Twitter. The API will eventually do its thing.
Apparently Twitter changed the rules and decided programs like Tweepi or UnTweepsUnTweeps can no longer have a check all box in their program. So how do you check or uncheck all boxes when using Tweepi or UnTweeps? If you are a Mozilla Firefox user I have a very quick solution for you!  All you need is a simple add-on program called CheckFox.  CheckFox allows you to check or uncheck checkboxes for any website.

UnTweepsUnfollow - Mass Unfollow

UnTweeps lists the requests that have been successfully received and acknowledged by the Twitter API (view limit). There can be some delay in seeing Unfollow Inactive Twitter Userss actually leave your list.

UnTweepsResult - Mass Unfollow

Find new Tweeps to follow by set Keywords or Phrase: This is an additional feature of Untweeps, follow more Tweeps based on their keywords. So they follow back!

UnTweepsKeywords - Mass Unfollow

5. JustUnfollow - Unfollow Users on Twitter Twitter users who do not follow you!

A simple Mass Unfolow Twitter User twitter app that lets you Bulk Unfolow Twitter User non followers. Basically, the app displays twitter users who do not follow you. This apps not built for bulk unfollowing (actually any twitter app offering bulk Find and unfollow Twitter|Unfollow Users on Twitter is violating Twitter TOS).

JustUnfollow - Mass Unfollow

After sign in with your Twitter account, click Show Non-Followers:

JustUnfollowNon-followers - Mass Unfollow

At any point, JustUnfollow would display 50 of your non-followers to you. You can then view info about each of the non-followers and Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users those you think are not worth following

JustUnfollowing - Mass Unfollow

6. GoTwitr:

Build a local, national, or international Twitter community easily with many unique follow and purge features.

Go to GoTwitr to sign up and activate your account via email. Once this is done, you can use the advanced features of GoTwitr. Simply setup your invitation, choose which friends you want to recommend to others, and start building your community. Use Smart Purge to easily remove everyone that you are following, who is not following you back:

GotwitrSmartPurge - Mass Unfollow

You can use Keyword Follow to search Twitter for a keyword and find then follow people with similar interests.

GotwitrSmartKeyword - Mass Unfollow

Use Export to creat a CSV file of your Twitter friends or followers.
To get the most out of the Twitter tools in GoTwitr, you should take advantage of its three primary services. (Grow, Build, and Tweet.) Grow is used to invite people to your community, Build is used to streamline the process of finding and following the right people, and Tweet is used to communicate and monitor your Twitter community. Simply select one of these from the main menu, and you'll find easy access to all the features of each service listed at the top of the block shown on the left.

III- Bulk Block – Follow – bulk unfollow Twitter followers Tool:

III.1- TwerpScan: You already know the many services Mass Follow (or bulk unfollow Twitter followers), but I'm sure that you hardly find any Services that support Mass Block. I would recommend for a service you can do that: TwerpScan. TwerpScan is your new Twitter contact management site. List, review, sort and follow/Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users/block followers and friends. TwerpScan allows for bulk operations (make changes to up to 100 contacts at once — a real timesaver!) and helps you to get a more complete picture about any Twitter user by using its handy Drilldown feature. First, you Allow TwerpScan access to Sigin with Twitter, then click Manage Your Followers button. TwerpScan will Fetching data from Twitter, TwerpScan's fetching your contacts from Twitter (100 at a time) and caches them here for about 1 hour. After filtering the data sorted according to criteria that you want, you select the action: Block, Follow or Unfollow Twitter User. Instead Unfollow Users on Twitter you will Block them, so not have to follow them in the next iteration:

TwerpScan - Mass Unfollow

III.2 Tweeter Karma:  (unstable) is online service which lets you to bulk unfollow Twitter followers twitter users which don’t follow you back. Tweeter Karma (formerly Twitter Karma) is a tool for managing your Twitter friends and followers, providing ways of sorting and filtering them as well as simplifying the process of following people back. This site is fantastic for people who want to automatically follow people who are following you – Bulk Mass Unfolow Twitter User, who are not follow you back – Mass Block anyone twitter users which don’t follow you (or spammer). You can access this site and log in through two step, you can easily see who you are following and who is following you: After signing into this service via twitter API, you have click on button ‘Whack!’ and wait some time until application process you twitter profile data.

Your Tweeter Karma - Mass Unfollow

Set your sort order:

Sort Tweeter Karma - Mass Unfollow

Results are as follows:

Sort Tweeter Karma Result - Mass Unfollow

OK, now your job is just a simple action: Click! and Click!

Your Tweeter Karma Bulk Block - Mass Unfollow

III.3- Nest Unclutterer: (seem does not work anymore) Block Unwanted Twitter Followers / Find and unfollow Twitter anyone who hasn't tweeted in more than specified number of days. Very special feature of this service that lets you block those Twitter followers who are already following too many people - This feature actually disadvantages for those who do the mass marketing.

To start using Nest Unclutterer, you allow it to use your Twitter account via OAuth authentication. Then, you can specify what type of followers you want to Block or Unfollow Users on Twitter

Nest-Unclutterer - Mass Unfollow

Nest Unclutterer is really fast. It took just a few seconds to show the followers that meet your criteria. Nest Unclutterer will immediately search your account, and show you list of such followers. This lets you review your selections before blocking anyone. You can also choose to ignore some of those, and Nest Unclutterer will add them to White List.

Unfollow or Not Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users: that is the question on your Twitter Account!

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