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Part III: How to Gain Twitter Followers Like CRAZY by Using Scripts, for FREE!

Do you want to learn how to get more free twitter follower service? Of course you do! Who doesn't? An EASY way to make friends.

Twitter follow limit is 1,000 per day (view more). But in fact, many accounts suspended when only limited number exceeds 500/day. The continuous increase Followers in such conditions really difficult. You must make sure that over 90% of the people you are following will follow you back. This is indeed a big challenge for everyone. The results largely depend on the list that you are following. This article, I will present techniques to ensure that, the list you are following will follow you back up to 90% =>>Gain Twitter Followers Automatically Like CRAZY!!!!

Have you ever wondered: What are your followers worth? Each one of your followers is currently worth .008 cents. Not very much really but when you multiply that by the number of followers it adds up quick. Why are they worth it? I do not know the basis for calculating it, but it is common, that the cost of online advertiser rent your account for advertising. Anyway, it is also the reason why you should have to gain your Followers.
Let’s start with the basics: getting big on twitter is simply a function of having a lot of people follow you. A great way to get people to follow you? Follow Them! Therefore, you could get a pretty hefty Twitter account simply by following a lot of people and having them follow you back, right? But what’s the use of having a Twitter account if the people following you simply don’t care? We need to also find a way to track along with people that have similar interests. Since Twitter only allows you to have a certain Follow/Following ratio… you also can’t just follow everyone in a massive push, and then wait for a few thousand to follow back. You don’t want people hanging around in your “following” list not helping you out, so you can selectively delete anyone not reciprocating the love by using a tool called: ManageFlitte.

1. TwittrAdder: Find and Engage in Like-Minded Twitter Followers Automatically & Automate Twitter Posts! :

add 20 random Twitter Followers Automatically. Just enter your Twitter login details below and TwittrAdder will add 20 random friends to

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Essential Tools to Increase Your Twitter: Active Mass ReTweet, Twitter Analytics & Monitoring Tools

This Service helps you send Bulk Direct Messages on Twitter to any and every your twitter followers. Easiest way to bulk DM on Twitter.

You know, everytime you sends out a link to your followers by “Tweeting“, you gets 2% of your followers clicking on it immediately. Imagine, if you had your twitter following by 20,000 people, that is 400 FREE clicks within minutes! This statistic is calculated for the "golden hour". Of course, with the utilization of the Followers of the RT bot accounts, this number will be multiplied. However, to calculate the "golden hour", you need to have tools to measure and test for each time of day, and during the week. Even if you have found a "golden hour" of the day, you can not send hundreds of tweets in this period. At this very moment you need the help of specialized tools. These tools will be sent mass direct messages to RT bot accounts, then activate them to retweet your tweets.

First you need to know how to send a DM from your twitter account to another account: To send a direct message in Twitter, send a tweet that starts with the letter D, then a space, then the user’s Twitter name. If you wanted to send a direct message to @BarackObama, for example, you would type:

D BarackObama Thanks for your Tweet, visit my bog, pls:

And hit Update. The private message will be sent only to that user, not visible to the public or your followers.
There’s a catch: to send a direct message to someone, they must be following you. If you try to send @BarackObama a direct message, and he’s not following you, you’ll get an error message like this:
 BarackObama does not follow you. Send 'follow BarackObama' to request. 
 Note: Make sure you only type D, not DM. If you Twitter DM and then the user name, it will be a public message! That would be bad. Read On…

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How to Grow Your Twitter Followers Numbers For Free to Over 10,000 in a Week

How to get more Twitter Followers For Free

One of the first questions that comes to mind once you start using Twitter is, how to get more Twitter Followers For Free? Coming from my own experiences and research, I've compiled a list of Twitter tips and resources to help increase your Twitter Followers For Free.

For the many different ways we can utilize Twitter and leverage our Twitter Followers For Free. Whether you want to increase your Twitter Followers For Free for promoting, increasing traffic, business, networking, bragging rights, branding or etc… The more targeted Twitter Followers For Free you have, the better.

However, it's not always a numbers game, it's more about the quality of Twitter Followers For Free you get. A ጤ loyal Twitter Followers For Free who share similar interests and interact with you, would be better than having 2000 Twitter Followers For Free who are either squatters or have no interest in your tweets, right?

I just wanted to post an enhancement of a technique I saw recently that is designed to attract a lot of Twitter Followers For Free. Here was the general idea that was presented:

  1. Go to and find out who the top 30 people are by the number of followers.
  2. Open their profiles and follow them. This will put you at the top of the list for the number of people following that "Twitter Rock Star". We'll use Oprah as an example:

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Part I: In just one day, you have reached thousands Followers

One of the best methods to get More Free Twitter Followers and make money online: More Credits = More Free Twitter Followers = More Money

But, first of all: Please remember to be responsible, see twitter's rules on aggressive following and churning before Get More Free Twitter Followers daily! Twitter account may be suspended permanently if violate these terms of service. Read more: Your Twitter Account Suspended? How to remove it?

Want to learn the fastest way to get more Twitter followers? Take a look at this article which will show you how to get more Twitter followers with ease!

When you look at the profile of a member of twitter, if you see the rate Following/Followers = min / MAX, you'll probably think that: this person is a Guru!? They have a very small number of Following but Followers is very large number. This brings the benefits to you, everyone will think that, you are an expert in your field, and many people listen to your tweets and follow you. You can do that with the services that I will introduce below: 

I- Services to exchange Points to Followers: Get More Free Twitter Followers day by day

I-1 Twiends: (are dying)

All you must understand is how you can get more Twitter followers than you have. How do you do that quickly? Simple! You buy them. But wait a minute, you cand Use Twiends to Get More Free Twitter Followers For Free!

It's a free twitter app that can be used to build your twitter followers. The service is completely free to use (unless you buy credits) and works effectively allowing users to still follow you even if you run out of credits to hand out. is a site to grow your Twitter followers by getting people to follow you in exchange for credits. (get More credits – get More Free Twitter Followers). You can choose the amount of credits you offer for a follow and these can be bought or earned for competing various tasks, such as following someone, signing up for their mailing list, or simply blogging about it. Advertise yourself on twiends and thousands of people will follow you. You can even highlight yourself to people with common interests in your country. Twiends also helps you get facebook fans and website visitors. So what are you waiting for ?? Join, now. First of all, you must to Signup and follow the instructions in the picture below:

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How to Make a Twitter Bot That Will Automatically Retweet Users by Keywords That You Specify

Auto Retweet Keyword Bot: this bot will auto retweet your Twitter friends according to your target keywords, thus giving you an edge when it comes to keeping in touch with your network. The automatic retweets will boost your chances of being listed, followed and retweeted in return.

(List of Auto Retweet Keyword Bots listed here)

With this technique you can make a twitter bot with no coding. Normally give someone a ReTweet enough to make them follow you and it keeps your profile active, so you can semi-automate the accounts and use it as an aid for making connections.

Step 1: Make your Twitter account Bot to Auto Retweet Keyword

Go to and create a new account for your Auto Retweet Keyword Bot. Try to choose a nice name and cute avatar. Or something as kool background?!

Step 2: Find conversations that you want to Auto Retweet Keyword

Okay, we have our Twitter account and we will need to scan for any twitter conversations retweet. To do this we'll use Twitter Search. In this example we are going to search for ["thanks 4 following"], but to stop our bot Retweeting you want to add a negative keyword to your botname. So research ["thanks 4 following"-botname], probably this: (This would be the keyword that you want for your Auto Retweet Keyword Bot) Read On…

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